The Program
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This is how a week in The Program could look like:

Mentor sessions

We have an extensive mentor corps of experienced specialists and leaders. You can draw on their experience and knowledge when you need it. They are with us because they are passionate people who want to give back to the ecosystem.

Workshops & facilitators

We have skilled facilitators who run various workshops such as five-day innovation sprint, OKR, Branding, Go-To-Market, Design Thinking, Customer Insights, UI / UX, or sales training. Just to name a few of the workshops you can choose from in Propagator 01.

Industry Experts & Business Angels

You can talk to our associate Industry Experts and Business Angels when faced with a challenge that requires special insight. It can be a supply chain expert, a seasoned CTO's assessment or a Business Angel who has been through the trouble herself.

Team building & coaching

The team is the foundation of success. All startups are working with an experienced team coach helping to resolve the issues you inevitably will run into. Especially when being busy and the resources are tight. Being proactive about the team will make you stronger.

Office space, network & community

When you become part of The Program, you will be offered a place in our office space, together with the other start-ups in Propagator. This is where your new home will be for the next 9 months, housing everything you need, to move your start-up forward faster.

The Safe House

What happens in the Safe House, stays in the Safe House. We facilitate a space where you can air your worries, successes and develop friendships with peers. At the Safe House, we provide the framework that is needed when you go through such a wild development in your professional life as it is to become an entrepreneur.

Motivational Talks

Our start-up family was created because we believe it is important to pass it on to the "next generation". Therefore, twice a month you can meet members of our start-up family and hear them tell their own stories of ups and downs on the road to success. Transparent and honest - completely without a filter.

Software Booster Pack

When joining the Propagator, you'll get access to a sweet package deal, filled with must-have software. The Propagator Pack is full of resources and systems, that'll make life as a business owner much easier and enjoyable.

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