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Hear Niels Martin talk about how Contractbook has incorporated internationalization from the beginning and what it means to a company to run a series A and B round within six-month.

Niels Martin Brochner

Co-founder & CEO at Contractbook

Anne is a TEDx speaker and holds a Ph.D. in music. She talks about how to create community value for all parties in the marketplace.

Anne Dvinge

Co-founder & CEO at Low-Fi

low fi

David Bentzon

Co-founder & CEO at Gaia Investments


Jannik is a sought motivational speaker. In the Propagator, he will talk about how LuggageHero has used OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to achieve their business goals, and how they have used crowdfunding to raise $1.45 million in just 24 hours via Seedrs - a crowdfunding platform.

Jannik Lawaetz

CEO & Co-Founder at LuggageHero


Natalia Tomiyama

Co-founder & Managing Director at Nüwiel


NÜWIEL was founded in 2016 in Hamburg by Fahad Khan and Natalia Tomiyama with a vision to free cities from unnecessary car use, noise and air pollution. More than 11 countries are represented among the company's 19 employees. NÜWIEL has won a lot of ​​international awards for its electric eTrailer, which is available in three versions. The eTrailer can be mounted on all bikes and towed by pedestrians.

Martin is an entrepreneur, problem solver and tech fan. His mission is to be an active part of the transition to a sustainable and green environment. Hear him talk about moving his business from Aarhus to Palo Alto, and about getting 15 of the US Golf Digest Top 100 courses as customers.

Martin Dal

CEO & Co-Founder at Spiio


Danske Spiio is the "eyes in the ground" for golf courses, sports facilities and plant walls. With their specially developed wireless sensor, they stream data on soil moisture, light, temperature and salinity every hour - around the clock. Spiio has +1,000 active sensors with over 40,000 data points daily. Spiio was founded in 2015 in Arhus. Today their headquarter is in California.

Stine Hulvej Heegaard

COO & Co-founder at Low-Fi

low fi

Low-Fi is a community and an online marketplace creating concerts in unique settings. Each Low-Fi concert is 100% user-created in collaboration between artist and host - completed by the guests. The two founders are Anne Dvinge and Stine Hulvej Heegaard. Low-Fi has held concerts in Denmark since 2015 and expanded to Sweden in the summer of 2021.

Henrik Eggert

CEO at CopyrightAgent


Copyright Agent was founded in 2016 and listed on the First North Growth Market in July 2021. Copyright Agent is among the leaders in Intellectual Property Rights as a Service (IPRaaS). Their core business is to secure the copyright on digital assets, such as images and texts - across national borders, time zones and gray zones. Copyright Agent handles the entire value chain and delivers an end-to-end solution.

Innovation & Acceleration — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Executive Board & Investment

Nikolaj Forsberg

B.A. & Chairman of The Board at Plantcarb ApS

Innovation & Acceleration — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Executive Board & Investment

Thomas Marschall

B.A., Public Speaker & Advisor

Innovation & Acceleration — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Venture Capital & Investment

Jernei is a part of the Sony Startup Acceleration Program team. Prior to that, he has run Austrian & Swiss-based accelerators and was a founder of an innovation consultancy agency. He has been part of Danish scaleups ventures such as and SOUNDBOKS and has organized or moderated 60+ hackathons around Europe.

Jernei Dekleva

Accelerator Catalyst at Sony Program Europe

Innovation & Acceleration — Business Development — Marketing

Lana is an experienced senior consultant working with innovation, strategy, business, and marketing development. 16 years of experience from various industries and currently working with European soft-funding innovation e.g. EIC Horizon 2020 Accelerator, Eurostars, Fast Track to Innovation.

Lana Stankovic

Innovation Strategist at Nordic Innovators

Business Development — Project Management — Sustainibility Expert

Inga has broad international experience. She holds a double degree from CBS and has experience from Rambøll Management Consulting, Accenture and Ørsted. She can, amongst other things, help with business development - both on a strategic and operational level.

Inga Stein Burgaard

Venturing & Funding Expert

Business Development — Project Management — Leadership & Organization

Peter is tech-savvy. He is super structured and experienced in translating cool technology into concrete business value propositions.

Peter Thorlacius Bondrop

Venturing & Funding Expert

IT & Digital Platforms — Business Development — Commercial & Sales Management

Lisa has experience within sales development and commercial excellence. She brings experience from IT-companies where she has worked with digital projects and sales strategies. Experienced working with top management and revenue management through business intelligence and change management.

Olivia Carnbring

Head Of Commercial Development at Lobyco

Marketing — Commercial & Sales Management — IT & Digial Platforms

Anders has a strong knowledge of how to achieve commercial excellence. He has a proven track record of scaling startups into hyper-growth from a-z. Has deep knowledge within all online growth disciplines. At Goodiebox he is building up the Growth Team and their 360* go-to-market approach.

Anders Birk

Director of Growth @ GOODIEBOX

Innovation & Acceleration — Venture Capital & Investment — Executive Board & Coach

Jakob is an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Start-up enthusiast. He is currently working with the international Deep Tech Alliance of Accelerator programs across Europe, at FutureBox, which is part of DTU Science Park.

Jakob Heiberg

Alliance-Program Manager at DTU Deeptech

Venture & Investment — Executive Board & Coach — Finance & Control

Jakob is a seasoned Finance executor and entrepreneur with a track record of starting companies in SEA, EU, N.Am and LATAM with values above $100.000.000+

Jakob Mikkel Hansen

CFO at Gorm's

Innovation & Acceleration, Business Development — Leadership — Organization

Sophie has a wide variety of experience in multiple fields where startups and creatives thrive which has given her a unique insight into cross-disciplinary innovative environments.

Sophie Bech

Head of Scale-up Champions & Business Developer at Skylab

Venture & Investment — Entrepreneurship & Startup — IT & Digital platforms

An entrepreneur turned investor and venture consultant, having collectively raised a large sum for various ventures in the Nordic and Baltic eco-system. Hasan is a venture builder at heart and innovation networker accelerating growth and allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to make their impact.

Hasan Surtiwala

Venturing & Funding Expert

Business Development — Project Management — Leadership & Organization

Fie Kemplar

Agile Coach & Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant

Business Development — Commercial & Sales Management

Martin Nørtoft

Head of Global Sales Development at GRUNDFOS

Entrepreneurship & Startup — Business Development — Expert in Venturing & Education

Ted Zoller

Director at UNC Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan-Flagler

Communication & Storytelling – Leadership & Persoanl Presentation

Mette Bloch

Motivational Speaker at Dickybird

Innovation & Acceleration — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Venture Capital & Investment

Andreas D. Christiansen

Analyst and Artist at Pure Pitch

Business Development & Investment — Finance & Control

Mads Fauerskov

Partner & Statsautoriseret revisor, Deloitte

Legal Advisoring — Entrepreneurship & Startup — IT & Digial Platforms

Kristian Anker

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Internationalization & Investment — Innovation & Start-ups — Network Expert

Mia Grosen

Founder of Canute | Scaling Danish startups to new markets

Sara Green Brodersen

Entrepreneurial Executive — Fintech & SaaS — Build & lead teams

Sara is a serial entrepreneur, and started a number of companies as well as community organisations focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. As an international public speaker, she enjoys sharing her passion about all things entrepreneurship and startups. She is actively involved in London’s startup and technology scene, and is passionate about inspiring diversity in the startup ecosystem.

Sara Green Brodersen

Co-founder & CEO, Canaree

Claus Bentzen

CEO & Owner at Talents Unlimited

Thorbjørn Saltorp

Chief Senior Consultant, Talents Unlimited

Entrepreneurial Processes — Founders Dilemma — Leadership & Business Development

Nina Uller

Partner at DEX

Has worked with marketing for 14 years, and has for 6 years run Webamp, which today has 18 employees. In 2021 he was elected to Forbes 30 under 30 - Europe, and Talent 100 in Berlinske.

Nicolai Vittrup

Founder & CEO at Webamp

Mikael Carlsen

Chief Sales Officer, Data Protection Officer & Partner at Reepay

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