The Bootcamp
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This is how The Bootcamp works

Sprint 1 — week 1

The first sprint is about the founders and the team. With a background in talent tests and team exercises, you will, among other things, gain insight into team dynamics and what it takes for you as a founder to build high performance in teams.

Sprint 2 — week 2

In the second sprint, we will be working with defining the problem. Are you solving the right problem? Is it desirable, viable & feasible? You will get a thorough insight into your target group and find out if you know the right stuff about their need.

Sprint 3 — week 3

In the third sprint, we will focus on the solution, how to manifest an idea into a solution, and to bring the solution into the world. It's about growth hacking, go-to-market and about thinking big from the start.

Sprint 4 — week 4

In the fourth sprint, we gather the findings of the team, solution, customers, and market in a razor-sharp pitch. You will get the opportunity to present the pitch for our panel of investors, mentors and serial entrepreneurs

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