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At Propagator we highly value our external relations. They enable us to make a unique program where we can offer services that are tailormade for each specific start-ups needs. Being a mentor/expert in our community, means that you will help and guide our start-ups throughout Propagator. Moreover, we offer workshops and training session in which you can develop yourselves and your competencies.

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  • Forside

    Nikolai Kronborg, Partner @ MenuPay, AeroGuest & Low-Fi

    "You need to build a strong network, to gain sucess. You may invest more than you receive in the beginning. But in the end, that's what's gonna make the difference"

  • Forside

    Jannik Lawaetz, CEO and Co-Founder @ LuggageHero

    "A mentor once told me: Find one customer who is willing to pay for your product. Anything from there is marketing. It worked ever since."

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Bootcamp 01 participants

Venture Capital & Investment — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Executive Board & Coach

Allan is a Business Angel, a member of the Danish Business Angel network (DanBan). Mentor at Copenhagen Business School and a member of Keystone. He’s on the board of several start-ups and has invested in more than 25 start-ups — primarily within SaaS, DeepTech, FinTech, GreenTech and the sharing economy.

Allan Sønderskov Darré

Co-founder, Investor & Mentor

Entrepreneurship & Startup — Innovation & Acceleration — Business Development

A business developer with +20 years of experience in startup development programs and IT-based venture investments. Farhad has a solid background in building companies, leading accelerator programs, building mentoring schemes and communities.

Farhad Rasouli

Co-founder & Program Director

Venture Capital & Investment — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Excecutive Board

Builds global companies based on great ideas. Poul's interests are strategic consulting, commercialization, financial problem solving and active ownership in investments. Co-founder of AirHelp and investor in SaaS, LegalTech, FinTech, GreenTech and sharing economy.

Poul Oddershede

Co-founder, Investor & Mentor

Leadership & Organization — Startup & Entrepreneurship — Executive Board & Coach

Morten is a professional executive and team coach with extensive knowledge in leadership development. He has been a founder and board member in several tech companies with a mission to "build Organizational Leadership Capability and Leadership Capacity to Create Purposeful Outcomes.

Morten Oure

Co-founder, Coach & Facilitator

Sif Bregnballe

Business Development — Communication — Project Management

Sif works as a PA and Project Coordinator. She is a multitasking octopus. Sif is educated in and has experience with circular economy, innovation and startup processes which she uses in her role as facilitator. She is people-oriented and has a passion for sustainable solutions.

Sif Bregnballe


Venture Capital & Investment — Fund Management — Board Member & Mentor

Henrik is an experienced CFO and COO with experience from many different businesses. Setting up, structuring, and developing businesses is his core competence. He is dedicated to the development of the company and is a mentor at Copenhagen Business School. Among others, he is a board member of the listed company Donkey Republic, which he helped list in Q2 2021.

Henrik Starup

Co-founder, Investment Management & Mentor

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