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We help start-ups with funding network leadership skills customers

At Propagator we highly value our external relations. They enable us to make a unique program where we can offer services that are tailormade for each specific start-ups needs. Being a mentor/expert in our community, means that you will help and guide our start-ups throughout Propagator. Moreover, we offer workshops and training session in which you can develop yourselves and your competencies.

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  • Forside

    Nikolai Kronborg, Partner @ MenuPay, AeroGuest & Low-Fi

    "You need to build a strong network, to gain sucess. You may invest more than you receive in the beginning. But in the end, that's what's gonna make the difference"

  • Forside

    Jannik Lawaetz, CEO and Co-Founder @ LuggageHero

    "A mentor once told me: Find one customer who is willing to pay for your product. Anything from there is marketing. It worked ever since."

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Bootcamp 01 participants

Venture Capital & Investment — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Executive Board & Coach

Allan is a Business Angel, a member of the Danish Business Angel network (DanBan). Mentor at Copenhagen Business School and a member of Keystone. He’s on the board of several start-ups and has invested in more than 25 start-ups — primarily within SaaS, DeepTech, FinTech, GreenTech and the sharing economy.

Allan Sønderskov Darré


Venture Capital & Investment — Entrepreneurship & Startup — Excecutive Board

Builds global companies based on great ideas. Poul's interests are strategic consulting, commercialization, financial problem solving and active ownership in investments. Co-founder of AirHelp and investor in SaaS, LegalTech, FinTech, GreenTech and sharing economy.

Poul Oddershede


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